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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Campaigning Update and Freebie

Hello friends,

I know you all have the book, Campaigning for Clean Air. Most of the people on this list have also reviewed it on Amazon. Thank you for buying it and thank you for supporting it!

I am doing a book promotion in May.  I have written a “bonus book” and I will be sending it to people.  I describe the promotion below. 

I can’t figure out how to send the bonus book to everyone who bought the Campaigning book before May.  I don’t know the names of everyone who bought the book!.  But I do know your names, at least!   I attach the bonus book below.  

I don’t plan to make the bonus book available after May, except in limited ways.  For example, at the San Francisco ANS meeting, I may give a Coupon Code to people who learn about Campaigning at that meeting. Then they can get the bonus book.  

If you can tell your friends about the Campaigning book this month, while the free offer is available, that would be great.

Oh, and I love this recent Amazon review! "This is perhaps the best book on activism that I have ever read---and I have read my share of them.”  


In May, if people buy the Campaigning for Clean Air book, they will get a bonus book. This is my buy-it-now-in-May offer!

(I will be advertising this on FB, starting later this week, maybe tomorrow.)

 I read lots of advice on marketing, and many marketers say that you should put together a freebie offer.  "Buy the book and get this extra for free.  Click Buy and do it now because this special extra bonus is not available in stores!”  We’ve all seen tons of offers like this…because they work.   Okay. I am doing this. But it is not like being a carnival barker.   My freebie is from the heart.  I attach the new mini-book. 

 An Advocate’s Inspiration: Shared Brownies for the Nuclear Soul is my bonus mini-book.   My husband George did long hours of careful work on it, as he did earlier for Voices for Vermont Yankee.  Huge gratitude for George's work editing and  and formatting this new book.  

I will send Advocate’s Inspiration to anyone who sends me some kind of proof of purchase of the Campaigning book. An Amazon receipt, whatever. Please send proof of purchase to mjangwin@gmail.com. I also plan emails and FB ads.

 Enjoy An Advocate’s Inspiration!  It is not available in stores…😊


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