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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Israeli Paper Says Strike On Iran Could Delay Bomb

Israeli Paper Says Strike On Iran Could Delay Bomb
from War News Updates by Bookyards
From Reuters:

JERUSALEM, Aug 12 (Reuters) - A major Israeli newspaper ran a front-page story on Wednesday quoting an unidentified "senior defence official" as saying Israel believed a military strike could disrupt what it says is an Iranian nuclear arms programme.

Under a photograph of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sitting the previous day in the cockpit of an F-15I long-range fighter-bomber, mass-selling Maariv quoted the official as saying Israel could carry out such a strike without U.S. approval but time was running out for it to be effective.

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Update: US intel chief says no Iran nukes possible before 2013 -- Christian Science Monitor

My Comment: A bombing attack may delay Iran's nuclear project .... but I suspect that such a delay will not be as long as the Israelis may hope it would be.

If they want to make an impact, they will need to conduct a comprehensive and extensive bombing campaign .... but realistically .... they do not have the resources to do it.

And even if they are permitted by their Arab neighbors to have an unrestricted air corridor to bomb Iran, the anger and rage that will then occur in Iran will take decades to calm down and will have consequences that I doubt most countries .... Israel included .... have calculated.


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