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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

China’s coal conversion industry to become the world’s largest

China is expected to develop its coal conversion industry into the world’s largest by 2020 as the world’s biggest coal producer and consumer is seeking clean use of its huge coal resources. “China’s capacity of coal liquefaction projects would hit the equivalent of 20 million tons of oil, that of coal-to-gas would reach 50 billion cubic meters, and coal-to-chemical 10 million tons of oil equivalent, by then the world’s largest,” Du Minghua, Deputy Director of the China Shenhua CTL & CTC Research Institute, said at an energy forum in Taiyuan. China so far has finished construction of eight pilot clean coal conversion projects. Annual coal liquefaction capacity stands at 1.68 million tons, and that for coal-to-gas at 15 billion cubic meters. The capacity for coal-to-olefin stands at 1.7 million tons. China has large deposits of coal but lacks oil and gas. Clean utilization of coal would be the key for China to develop a low-carbon economy.
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