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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fukushima Updates 11/30

Here are the topic summaries of today's commentary and Fukushima updates. Please click the link for the full reports.
Commentary - What Lessons can American Scientists Learn from Japan? - A fact-finding contingent from America’s National Academy of Sciences is in Japan hoping to realize lessons that will improve nuclear plant safety in the United States. Will the NAS team realize what other prestigious investigators have learned – the most severe health effect spawned by the government’s response to Fukushima Daiichi is unnecessary psychological damage?
Other Fukushima updates - Shiga Governor Yukiko Kada’s new antinuclear party dominates the December 16 election headlines in Japan. She says "Let's debate thoroughly on the nuclear power issue. Let's sacrifice ourselves for future generations."... In parallel with the creation of the JFP, the currently-ruling DPJ party issued its official antinuclear policy platform... Tepco has released more video footage of company activities during the early weeks of the Fukushima crisis. A most disturbing revelation is Tepco/Tokyo’s continual failure to grasp the gravity of the situation at F. Daiichi weeks after the three hydrogen explosions had happened... Tepco’s latest posting of contaminated water data at F. Daiichi shows a significant reduction in Cesium levels contained in the water remaining in the plant basements... The Nuclear Regulatory Authority says they have problems with the “safety culture” embodied by The Tokyo Electric Company (Tepco)... Several municipalities in northeastern Japan say they are now willing to consider hosting temporary storage facilities for the wastes building up in numerous treatment facilities.

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