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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fukushima Updates 1/18

Here are the topic summaries for today's commentary and Fukushima updates. Please click the link for the full reports.
Commentary – New Tokyo Regime Should Rethink Radiation Limits - Irrational fear of radiation continues with respect to all Prefectures along the Tohoku coast and hinders the region's recovery from the 3/11/11 tsunami. The new Tokyo regime says they will “review” the energy policy of their predecessors. They should do the same with their forerunner’s radiation standards.
Fukushima updates - The Nuclear Regulatory Authority says no Japanese Boiling Water Reactors can be restarted until they install filters on their “vent” exhausts. Toyoshi Fuketa, a commissioner of the NRA, says the probability of Japan’s 26 boiling water reactors restarting this year is effectively zero... The continuing lack of NRA consensus over the Oi nuke’s geologic anomaly continues to make headlines... An American congressional committee has asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to re-think their numerous regulations specific to the Fukushima accident... Japan's Environment Ministry says more than half of the reports of shoddy Fukushima decontamination practices are unfounded.

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