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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cangzhou NPP to Start Construction in June 2016

Cangzhou NPP to Start Construction in June 2016

Chief Executive Officer at Dynatom International GmbH
Hebei Cangzhou government released an announcement on Heibei Cangzhou Haixing nuclear power project on August 26th in which the public participated for the first time. According to the announcement, Hebei Haixing nuclearpower plant plans to build two million-kilowatt AP1000 units in the first phase, in which unit 1 is scheduled to complete the first FCD in June 2016 with construction period of 54 months and realized operation in December 2020.
Meanwhile, Hebei Construction Energy Investment Co., Ltd also announced on the same day to take up shares in Cangzhou Haixing nuclear power project with its own funds of RMB one million and to set up a joint ventre with CNNC Huadian Hebei nuclear power company , together with CNNC and Huadian Power International. The registered capital is RMB 10 million, in which CNNC invests RMB 5.1 million sharing 51% of the stake.
Located at Haixing county in Cangzhou, Hebei province, Cangzhou nuclear power project planned to build 6×1250MW AP1000 nuclear units with 2×1250MW units in the first phase. The preliminary feasibility study report review has been completed. It is estimated that RMB 8.443 billion will invested in the first phase.

Source: http://news.bjx.com.cn/html/20140902/542759.shtml
北极星核电网讯:河北省沧州市政府8月26日发布的《河北沧州海兴 核电项目公众参与第一次信息公告》(以下简称《公告》)显示,河北海兴核电厂一期规划建设2台百万千瓦级 AP1000型 核电机组,其中1号机组计划于2016年6月浇筑第一罐混凝土,建设周期为54个月,2020年12月投入运行。...

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