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Thursday, July 7, 2016

By Rod Adams, publisher of Atomic Insights and producer of The Atomic Show Podcast. – July 5
When the dust has had a chance to settle, effects of the UK voter decision to leave the EU on the UK nuclear energy and climate change mitigation programs will become evident. In the meantime, bloggers and other observers will continue to do what they do, which is to offer opinions in spite of enormous uncertainties. Recently, I published a piece providing my own interpretations on what I think the Brexit will mean to the Hinkley C project as well as what it will mean to the UK nuclear energy program in general. I also touched on what I consider to be a logical extension of that argument to a comment on the effectiveness of the UK’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Read on...http://www.theenergycollective.com/rodadams/2382054/will-an-independent-uk-emphasize-nuclear-energy-2

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