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Friday, August 19, 2016

APS, PG&E, Duke Energy and Exelon come together at brand new O+M workshop

A staggering 87% of the US nuclear industry believes operating costs can be reduced enough to become economically viable. However in order for this to happen nuclear utility companies will look to their service providers to analyse cost drivers and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.
APS, PG&E, Duke Energy, Exelon and many more will be discussing the mounting O+M costs and their plans to deal with them at the Nuclear O+M Efficiency Workshop (16 November, Charlotte N.C.)
View the pdf brochure complete with speaker line-up and agenda here
Leading speakers include:
  • John Langskov, Section Leader Preventative Maintenance Programs, APS Palo Verde
  • Derek Valnie, Preventative Maintenance Coordinator, PG&E
  • David Thompson, Corporate radiation Protection Manager, Duke Energy
  • Natalie Wood, Vice President, NAYGN
  • Pete Muller, Manager Nuclear Productivity/Optimization Programs, Exelon
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