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Friday, August 12, 2016

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016
A complex nuclear situation in a complicated world
Robert Gallucci
We’ve posted the text of Robert Gallucci’s excellent address, given to the Asahi Shimbun Symposium in July of this year.
Dawn Stover
The author writes that, when it comes to existential threats such as nuclear weapons and climate change, the United States cannot afford the kind of unforced errors that Donald Trump makes on a near-daily basis.
Climate science, nuclear strategy, and the humanitarian impacts debate
William Ossoff
New collaboration is needed between climate scientists and military strategists to assess the long-term environmental effects of the most plausible scenarios of nuclear weapons use.
To reduce missile threats, think outside the silo
Waheguru Pal Singh (WPS) Sidhu
For nations with WMD-tipped ballistic missiles, are steps available that would reduce the missile threat (even if missile proliferation can’t be stopped)? The answer is a qualified “yes.” Is it too late for missile nonproliferation? The third and final round in our debate opens.
Why Russia values a non-nuclear Iran more than higher oil prices
Simon Saradzhyan
Thwarting the Iran nuclear deal would have boosted oil prices and helped Russia’s economy. Here’s why Russia went along with the deal anyway.
What would Reagan do? Republicans and the Iran nuclear deal.
Lawrence J. Korb
As an assistant secretary of defense, the author witnessed first-hand how President Reagan evolved on arms control and wonders why the present-day GOP doesn’t do the same.
Alexander Velez-Green

A lot of things can and should be automated. Nuclear bombers are not one of them.
John Mecklin

US Navy Lt. Lee Fadem was 24 years old when he sailed into Nagasaki as part of US occupational forces, 6 weeks after a plutonium bomb was dropped on the city. Now 95, Fadem shared with us photos he took of the stricken city during his time there.
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