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Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Message from the President of ANS

As nuclear professionals, we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture. We face an unprecedented number of premature nuclear plant closures for reasons that have nothing to do with their safety or performance. However, we are also witnessing intense interest in the design and development of advanced reactor systems, including from many in the environmental community who have historically opposed nuclear energy.
In these turbulent times, it is critically important that ANS continues to speak out on behalf of the men and women who comprise the breadth of the nuclear professional community: not one particular industry, not one specific sector, not one limiting time frame. The non-aligned structure of ANS not only gives us an independent voice, but one that is influential and strongly respected. Every day, ANS works with decision makers in Congress, the Executive Branch, and state government leaders to advance forward thinking, technically informed policies in a variety of areas, including:
  • A robust nuclear research and development portfolio, including support for next generation advanced reactor systems;
  • Strong federal stewardship for U.S. university-based nuclear education programs and students to prepare the next generation of nuclear technologists and engineers;
  • The continued availability of radioactive isotopes and sources for medicine, manufacturing, food irradiation, and medical sterilization;
  • Civilian nuclear technology export regulations designed to maintain U.S. competitiveness in global markets and influence over safety and nonproliferation norms;
  • Complete, unbiased information to state governments on policies that appropriately value nuclear power when setting policy.
In a political environment so dominated by messaging and spin, our policymakers need clear-eyed assessments of technical issues and an unbiased, long term view that only ANS can provide.
ANS is only as strong as its voice, and its voice is bolstered by our thousands of members who are involved in the Society, who make our mission to advance nuclear policy successful, and who make us heard in the halls of Congress, the offices of federal agencies, and the chambers of state legislatures. Join me by extending your ANS membership through 2017, so we continue our vital mission to promote nuclear science and technology, one voice at a time.
Best regards,
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Andy Klein
American Nuclear Society

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