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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Get Inside Mexico's Cenagas: Pipelines, Players, and Possibilities - An NGI Exclusive


NGI correspondent Dwight Dyer recently sat down with Cenagas Director General David Madero to
discuss the past, present, and future of Mexico's natural gas market. We've never been closer to the source. The industry is abuzz about the market with the largest potential in years, and information is hard to come by.
In this 7-page exclusive report, NGI's veteran journalists and analysts bring you closer than ever to the major pipelines and players that continue to shape the Mexican gas market - straight from the source. 
"We have strong relationships with all of [the companies],” Madero said. “And with some of the U.S. operators, we have certain obligations as the technical administrator to make sure we can be the supplier of last resort of natural gas in Mexico. Therefore, we are engaged with U.S. transporters that are interconnected with Mexico, in case we need to sign contracts with them.”
“Our role is determining aggregate demand, checking with CRE whether our assumptions are rational, whether our flow simulations are correct. So the only way to turn a yellow light green is to add infrastructure.” 
“Cenagas’ technical role focuses, together with CRE, on evaluating how demand for natural gas will grow in the next five years and where, geographically, that demand will be located."
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Referenced in the report:
Cenagas | Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) | Comision Reguladora de Energia (CRE) | FERC Mexican Petroleum Institute | Mexican Natural Gas Association |  And More...
Report Includes:
  • How Cenagas is gradually taking over functions from Pemex  
  • Filling in with LNG storage as a reliability bridge
  • Why an undersea pipeline from the U.S. to Mexico Makes Sense
  • Identifying the best places for in-ground storage
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