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Thursday, June 1, 2017



May 2017:

Research Spotlight:
Pacific Islands Share Lessons Learned: National Climate Funds Serving the Most Vulnerable 

CIERP PhD Rishikesh Bhandary

Together with GCF Readiness Program (UNDP/UNEP/WRI) and the Green Climate Fund, we organized a South-South Learning Workshop on National Climate Funds. The highlight of the workshop was the deep dive sessions where officials from Fiji, Tonga and Tuvalu presented their experiences with national climate funds allowing participants to learn, probe and explore in great detail the process of establishing a climate fund and making it operational. 
Fiji is in the final stages of its feasibility assessment for a national climate fund. There are two emerging focus areas for a national climate fund: mobilizing the private sector and improving policy coherence. 
The Tonga Climate Change Trust Fund is one of the newest funds on the scene (it was just launched in March 2017). Its primary objective is to support community-based resilience activities and it has just launched its first call for proposals. 
The focus of the Tuvalu Trust Fund is very much on providing essential services to the people of Tuvalu. Therefore, the fund uniquely combines both climate-related and humanitarian, disaster-relief responses. 

Recent Publications

Tirrell, A. (2017). Sociocultural institutions in Norwegian fisheries management. Marine Policy, 77, 37-43.
Chakravorty, U., Hubert, M., Marchand, B.U. (2016). The effect of the U.S. Biofuels Mandate on Poverty in India.  CIERP Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, Discussion Paper 13.

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