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Monday, June 12, 2017

Generation Atomic

Dear Michele --

Six weeks ago our team moved into a two bedroom duplex in Sandusky, OH.  Our goal: to shore up the support of Representative Steve Arndt and Senator Randy Gardner to support the ZEN (Zero Emissions Nuclear) bill and save Davis-Besse and Perry Nuclear Plants.  We knew we had to hire several people crazy enough to come out and knock on thousands of strangers’ doors to talk about nuclear energy, but where would we find them?
A few days into the campaign we found our first local canvasser at his doorstep, a down-on-his-luck 20-something looking for an opportunity to prove himself.  His name is Shawn, and he, like many of our canvassers, has demonstrated true grit and heroism in having hundreds of conversations about nuclear energy, rain or shine, 40+ hours a week, to save these plants and the benefits they provide.
Fast forward 5 weeks to our Save Davis-Besse Party in Ohio’s 89th district.  Our team had grown to nearly 20 people and Representative Arndt was now standing on a stage at a local brewery, proclaiming to a crowd of plant workers, small business owners, employees, parents, journalists, and community members that he and Senator Gardner would be the first ‘yes’ votes on the ZEN bill once it moved out of committee.

The team celebrated that night, and some of us (Tay and Eric) may have shed a tear while looking back on the first leg of the campaign, and the many months that led up to it. The next day, we were back to business, broadening our focus to members of the Ohio Public Utilities Committee and preparing to vastly and rapidly expand our campaign.  
In the past two weeks, we have tripled our grassroots activities, garnered considerable app downloads and digital actions, and become a real player in the race to save Ohio’s nuclear plants.  Though to date we’ve signed down more than 1500 supporters and sent nearly 2000 handwritten post cards, we do not plan on slowing down, and hope that you’ll continue your hard work and support in the effort to save Davis-Besse and Perry Nuclear Plants. If you want to read more about our field work and see more stories, check out our field reports.
We are also wanted to let you know about some features in our app that give you a greater voice in the fight for nuclear.  
You can call key committee members in Ohio to ask for their support of the ZEN bill (or any legislation that will keep the plants open.)  If you haven’t yet, please download our app and help us make a final push to save these plants. The effects of these plants closing don’t stop at the Ohio border, so we’re asking everyone to take 5 minutes and make some calls to save the jobs, school funding, and clean energy these plants provide.

Together, we can do this for the communities, schools, and environment that rely on these plants across the country.  Please download Atomic Action, and make those calls.  We can be change you want to see in the world.
With hope for the future,
Generation Atomic
Support our work
Generation Atomic · 421 Queen Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55405, United States
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