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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: How will South Korea and Japan respond to North Korea?

How will South Korea and Japan respond to North Korea?
North Korea is rattling headlines as it tests intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Bulletin has extensively covered North Korean nuclear issues, including how South Korea and Japan might respond.

Here’s what you need to know:

Has South Korea renounced “nuclear hedging”?
Lami Kim

Will South Korea go nuclear?
Robert Einhom & Duyeon Kim

Hardly the hermit kingdom: New report reveals North Korea’s global reach
George A. Lopez

Putting the nonproliferation back in the NPT
Victor Gilinsky & Henry Sokolski

Tillerson refuses to rule out nuclearization of Asian allies
Dan Drollette Jr.

Reconsidering the reversal: South Korea’s nuclear choices

William Caplan & Kenneth B. Turner

A nuclear South Korea would be a mistake

Jungmin Kang

Seeking a path toward missile nonproliferation—A Japanese response
Masako Ikegami (Subscription journal)

North Korea, nuclear weapons, and the search for a new path forward-A South Korean response
Chung-in Moon (Subscription journal)

China worries about Japanese plutonium stocks
Hui Zhang

Seven decades after Hiroshima, is there still a nuclear taboo?
William Burr, Jeffrey Kimball

Read more about North Korea’s nuclear program:

North Korea and the ban treaty: Two sides of the same coin
John B. Brake

Prevent nuclear catastrophe: Finally end the Korean War
Masako Ikegami

North Korean nuclear program can’t be stopped with weapons, says Siegfried Hecker
Elisabeth Eaves

North Korea's latest missile test

Dan Drollette Jr.

Potemkin or real? North Korea’s biological weapons program

Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormley

Sea of sarin: North Korea’s chemical deterrent
Reid Kirby

North Korea’s nuclear weapons: What now?
Development and Disarmament Roundtable with Shen Dingli, Chung-in Moon, Andrei Lankov

The North Korea that can say no
Bruce Cumings
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