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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Nuclear Power: To Be or Not to Be? – The Vector

Nuclear Power: To Be or Not to Be? – The Vector: The term ‘nuclear’ is often met with negative connotations. From weapons to radioactivity, anything involving nuclear properties is considered a danger to the world. However, nuclear energy may be the key to achieving clean energy that can be accessible to everyone. Nuclear energy is a resource that relies on the fission or (fusion) of atoms, freeing energy from them. Fossil fuels continue to pollute our planet, and other solutions have yet to prove themselves. With growing demands for energy, the debate concerning the use of nuclear energy has risen to the fore. But what is the deal with nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy can be the answer to the world's energy crisis. The current supply of energy, fossil fuels, does damage to our planet's ecosystem. According to the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), nuclear energy releases the lowest amount of greenhouse gas than any other source. With concern over climate change growing, it has been looked at again for potential power production.

Nuclear energy also boasts a high fuel to power ratio, having the ability to power whole cities with just one reactor. Aside from cities, nuclear reactors would be beneficial to smaller communities. In part

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