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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Renewables 2011 Global Status Report

The Renewable Energy Policy Network released their annual renewables report. Their research shows that renewable energy grew strongly in 2010, as the total global investment in renewables reached $211 billion, up 32% from the $160 billion invested in 2009.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

  • Renewable capacity now comprises about a quarter of total global power-generating capacity  and supplies close to 20% of global electricity, with most of this provided by hydropower.

  • Developing countries (collectively) have more than half of global renewable energy power.

  • In the United States, renewables accounted for about 10.9% of U.S. domestic primary energy production (compared with nuclear's 11.3%), an increase of 5.6% over 2009.

  • Renewables accounted for about 26% of China's total installed electric capacity in 2010, 18% of generation, and more than 9% of final energy supply.

  • In the European Union, renewables represented an estimated 41% of newly installed electric capacity. While this share was significantly lower than the more than 60% of new capacity in 2009, more renewable power capacity was added in Europe than ever before.

    You can download their full report for free at: Renewables 2011 Global Status Report

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