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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Logic and Sentiment over Nuclear Energy in Japan

3 April, 2015

Logic and Sentiment over Nuclear Energy in Japan

Four years have passed since the giant earthquake of March 2011 and the subsequent nuclear accident. Recovery from the nuclear accident, including the treatment of contaminated water, is only advancing little by little. Work has been undertaken to decontaminate the environment of radioactive materials diffused by the accident in Fukushima Prefecture and surrounding areas, and construction is finally progressing of an interim storage facility for waste generated from that work. The year 2015 will mark a watershed — the restart of nuclear power plants (NPPs) in Japan, all of which were shut down after the accident.

Professor Yasuhiko Fujii of Tokyo's Institute of Technology has written a rather lengthy overview of the past and present relative to nuclear energy in Japan, like the Atomic Energy Basic Law of 1955 and what it means. It will take a few minutes to read it, but I think everyone will benefit from it.


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