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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sign This Petition: Keep America's Nuclear Power Plants Working For US

We the people ask the federal government to Call on Congress to act on an issue:

Keep America's Nuclear Power Plants Working For US

Created by J.M. on June 08, 2016

America’s nuclear energy plants are a vital asset providing reliable, carbon-free electricity to tens of millions of households and businesses around the country. Nuclear energy plants supply nearly 20 percent of America’s electricity—and 63 percent of the nation’s carbon-free electricity.
Despite their value, a combination of factors place these plants in economic jeopardy. As a result, a half dozen of the 100 in the nation will close in the coming years to be replaced by natural gas.
Respectfully request that the federal government institute policies that recognize the special and unique benefits of nuclear power. The federal government regulates their licensing and operation, but leaves it to the individual states to determine the value of their carbon neutral electricity.
Energy & Environment
Technology & Innovation
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