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Monday, August 15, 2016

ANS Winter Meeting & Expo: Nuclear Science & Technology: Imperatives for a Sustainable World

ANS Winter Meeting & Expo

Technical Sessions Sneak Peek
Used Fuel: Once-Through or Recycle—Who is Right?
The decades-old debate continues to generate high interest and opposing views across various stakeholders. Pro-recycle enthusiasts tend toward the long-term view citing benefits on repository capacity, sustainability, and the potential for a fully closed fuel cycle using Plutonium fuel. Pro once-through supporters are more short to medium-term focused, highlighting the economic argument for direct disposal of the fuel.  Vote for your side, then hear from the international panelists, engage in lively debate, and see if your views are altered.

Current Issues in Computational Methods
“But I just want to write software!” The details surrounding writing high-impact, high-quality software can feel overwhelming and stifling: intellectual property, licensing, copyright, export control, open source, access on clusters... all these factors can deeply impact the accessibility of your work. Panelists share experiences and lessons learned in the legal realm, with an emphasis on highly collaborative software development involving multiple institutions.

Salomon Levy:  Contributions to Advancements in Thermal-Hydraulics
This session honors the late Dr. Salomon Levy’s many contributions to the art and science of thermal-hydraulics as well as his leadership service to ANS. Dr. Levy was one of the founding leaders of the Thermal-hydraulic Division (THD) and the third recipient of the Technical Achievement Award—the highest award bestowed by the division. Presented by early leaders of THD who knew Dr. Levy and his many achievements, including 70 publications and prestigious awards for his 50 years of contributions to nuclear power.

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