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Monday, December 3, 2012

Fukushima Update 12/03

Here are the topic summaries for today's Fukushima updates. Please click the link for the full reports.
A Fukui University researcher has discovered that human cells have “immunity to radiation under certain conditions”... While it is unlikely that it will end the wild speculations about Fukushima Daiichi unit #4’s reactor building integrity, Tepco’s latest data on the structure should end it... New hypothetical exposure-reduction simulations for nuclear accidents have been posted by Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority... Two new antinuclear lawsuits have been filed relative to the Oi nuclear station. The first suit comes from a group of 1,100 people who want the two currently-operating plants at Oi to be shut down immediately because they will cause “irrevocable damage” if an accident occurs. The second suit includes 154 Fukui Prefecture residents who say Tokyo and Kansai Electric illegally started the two units at Oi before their safety had yet to be guaranteed... Tepco’s recent release of more Fukushima accident video footage continues to reveal disturbing news... A new news media poll shows that incumbent Prime Minister Noda’s approval rate is at an all-time low and the nuclear energy issue ranks third among the Japanese public... Japan Future Party leader Yukiko Kada says her party will not allow any currently idled nukes to restart.

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