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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nonproliferation News Update

A Nuclear Iran Could Consign Non-Proliferation to the History Books
Huffington Post UK (blog)
It is also quite true that one cannot preach non-proliferation, nor expect it, while simultaneously building up one's own lethal nuclear arsenal. That being said, I have not heard any plausible explanation as to why an Iranian bomb would increase the ...
North Korea's New Missile: 'It's Sophisticated'
PBS NewsHour
Judy Woodruff and John Isaacs of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation discuss the regime's hopes of an image boost and other possible launch outcomes. JUDY WOODRUFF: For more on this, I'm joined now by John Isaacs.
Israel holds talks about ME nuclear disarmament parley
Jerusalem Post
By HERB KEINON Foreign Ministry officials in Israel confirmed Wednesday talks were held last week in Jerusalem about possible Israeli participation in a Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty conference scheduled to be held in Helsinki in December.
Change of course for North Korea's rocket
Washington Post
Sources: Korean Commitee of Space Technology; James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies; NorthKoreaTech.org; AllThingsNuclear.org; wire reports. By Bill Webster and Laris Karklis/The Washington Post. Published on April 11, 2012, 6:10 pm SuperFan ...
Israel and Finland in talks over nuke-free Middle East
The idea of moving toward a nuclear weapons-free Middle East won formal backing in 2010 at a meeting on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and diplomats believe the presence of arch-foes Israel and Iran will be crucial to the success of any ...

Obama's Ultimatum to Iran: 'Last Chance' to Obey Orders from Washington
Com) Unsurprisingly, the Obama administration has reiterated its ultimatum to Iran to surrender its right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and is also demanding the dismantling of Iran's Fordo ...
Israel, Finland hold secret nuke talks
A report in Haaretz Wednesday said Jaakko Laajava, Finland's undersecretary of state for foreign affairs, visited Jerusalem secretly last week and met with Israeli counterparts to discuss Israel's involvement in the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty ...
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