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Friday, September 17, 2010

Nuclear expanding for TVA

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A new draft Integrated Resources Policy (IRP) released by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) sees nuclear expansion continuing over the next two decades. In drawing up the IRP, which will help guide efforts to meet regional electricity needs over the next 20 years, the authority has examined seven possible long-term scenarios based on factors such as economic growth, inflation, fuel prices and the regulatory environment. The IRP process also included the development of various possible strategies that TVA might employ to meet power needs, which were in turn used to draw up 20-year power generation portfolios.

Nuclear expansion is present in the majority of portfolios, with the first additional nuclear unit being added between 2018 and 2022. The study also suggests the TVA is likely to idle or lay up some 2000-7000 MWe of its coal-fired capacity as coal units become older and less economical under tighter regulations. Nuclear could potentially overtake coal as the utility’s leading generation source, the authority notes.

The draft plan is now being opened up to public comment.
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