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Sunday, September 19, 2010

MIT study upbeat on nuclear power growth

MIT study upbeat on nuclear power growth

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by Staff Writers Washington (UPI) Sep 17, 2010 Nuclear power use is growing worldwide but the high costs of setting up plants, disposing of waste and worries over abuse are holding back expansion, a new study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said. "To enable an expansion of nuclear power, it must overcome critical challenges in cost, waste disposal and proliferation concerns while maintaining its currently excellent safety and reliability record," said the report, the third since 2003 on nuclear power by the Cambridge, Mass., institution.
The report noted how nuclear power development was moving ahead globally while lagging in the United States. The United States hasn't licensed a plant since the 1979 accident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania.
Proliferation fears cited in the report coincide with continuing row over Iran's nuclear program and plans announced by Argentina and Brazil to push forward their nuclear programs.
The report said concerns over climate change and global warming could drive a global growth of nuclear power industry if handled correctly.
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