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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Safety New and Old Future Safety Challenges Encompass New and Old Nuclear Generations IAEA General Conference

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21 September 2010
Denis Flory
Denis Flory is IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of Department of Nuclear Safety and Security. (Photo: K. Nikolic/IAEA)
The introduction of the latest generation of nuclear power reactors in new nuclear countries, as well as managing aging reactors in mature nuclear countries, is a crucial challenge facing the IAEA today, said Denis Flory, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of Department of Nuclear Safety and Security.
Speaking during the 54th IAEA General Conference, Flory explained that while the introduction of nuclear power in newcomer countries remains an ongoing challenge, the issue of countries with two or more nuclear technology generations is also an area of growing importance.
"Technology and public requirements have evolved over time," said Flory.
"The safety requirements of today are not those that were in place years ago. Bridging the gap between old and new generations of nuclear power plants is an issue, and we need to address this new reality."
In recent months, over 60 countries worldwide have expressed an interest in developing a nuclear power programme.
"It is the IAEA´s role to advise them on developing a programme that is safe, secure and sustainable," he said.
Flory also spoke of the relationship between nuclear safety and security, and of their strong ties.
"Wherever there are interfaces between safety and security, the task is to address them in a joint fashion," he said.
"Safety measures often address security concerns and vice versa."
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