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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Atomic Power Review: Public attitudes toward nuclear energy from WASH-1250

atomic power review


Public attitudes toward nuclear energy from WASH-1250 

 Today I'd like to announce a very important addition to APR's permanent list of separate or "stand alone" pages, which you can see linked from the right side margin bar. This new page includes all of the content of Appendix III of AEC report WASH-1250; this appendix covers the entire history of public opinion on nuclear energy from inception until the time WASH-1250 was printed in final draft form in July, 1973.

This document is, in this author's opinion, of deep and fundamental importance. This AEC treatise is essentially the history - from the AEC's perspective - of the development of anti-nuclear sentiment in the nation. It is highly significant to note how many things mentioned in this treatise still exist, and how some of the predictions made in it came true.

I would highly suggest everyone in the nuclear industry who is in a position to communicate with the public give this a thorough read all the way through.

Click here to access "Public Attitudes toward Nuclear Energy / WASH-1250"

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